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When will football start again?

When are all sporting activities actually going to resume? I miss the games #FootBallFan

I want to know how to keep fit at home

When is the end predicted

easy food recipes to make around the world

I want ideas to how to get my 10,000 steps in my house

I want to know if schools will definitely be closed until September

Help for people who have been redundant and cant find work

I want to know more details on how to detect early signs, I.e. more specific details on symptoms. I want to know exactly what sort of sore throat it can cause, and what sort of headache etc.. the symptoms seem so vague at the moment, so its difficult to differentiate between normal cold/flu symptoms etc.

I want to know any motivational tips. I find the less I do the less I want to do

something to stop the boredom at home

i want to know how long my income and mortgage will be protected for

I want to know when the first infection was detected, and how many there have been in total worldwide.

How long is this likely to last? Working from home and home schooling = me tearing my hair out!!

I want to know how to keep my family safe

I want to know the rate of spread, if it’s speeding up or slowing down and how that is going nationally and globally.

what makeshift recipes have you created while quarantined?

What are the realistic odds of my catching it? What should my partner do about disinfecting himself when he comes in from work?

How are people entertaining the kids indoors?

What other things I can do other than cleaning the house and chill with netflix?

If a family member with a serious case of COPD has to isolate and other people in the house are isolating too so not to risk bringing the virus into the house, can they be furloughed?

How high can you stack up your toilet rolls

I want to know if my workplace can request me to ‘volunteer’ for them whilst I am furloughed

Have you managed to get everything needed from the shops?

Where are the government getting all of this money from to support people all of a sudden

Could this happen again?

what can i do to entertain children whilst in lockdown

Can we have a community on citizenme of all those who Astral Project? A survey on this topic will be a great eye opener for those who are unaware and bring relief who are going through lockdown depression.

Are you willing to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

What do you think will be the consequences of the covid-19 after the pandemic

rise your hand if you have vaccinated!!

How many hours sleep is required for a young aspiring individual? Should compulsory no re-run from political office be passed as a global norm after failure to fulfill promise to the electorate after first tenure? Is insomnia really a health issue? Should easy access for young African students to further their academics in foreign institutions be enforced in all developed countries?

When covid will end

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