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When will football start again?

When are all sporting activities actually going to resume? I miss the games #FootBallFan

I want to know how to keep fit at home

When is the end predicted

easy food recipes to make around the world

I want ideas to how to get my 10,000 steps in my house

I want to know if schools will definitely be closed until September

I want to know more details on how to detect early signs, I.e. more specific details on symptoms. I want to know exactly what sort of sore throat it can cause, and what sort of headache etc.. the symptoms seem so vague at the moment, so its difficult to differentiate between normal cold/flu symptoms etc.

i want to know how long my income and mortgage will be protected for

Help for people who have been redundant and cant find work

I want to know any motivational tips. I find the less I do the less I want to do

something to stop the boredom at home

How long is this likely to last? Working from home and home schooling = me tearing my hair out!!

I want to know when the first infection was detected, and how many there have been in total worldwide.

I want to know the rate of spread, if it’s speeding up or slowing down and how that is going nationally and globally.

I want to know how to keep my family safe

What are the realistic odds of my catching it? What should my partner do about disinfecting himself when he comes in from work?

How are people entertaining the kids indoors?

what makeshift recipes have you created while quarantined?

What other things I can do other than cleaning the house and chill with netflix?

How high can you stack up your toilet rolls

Where are the government getting all of this money from to support people all of a sudden

Have you managed to get everything needed from the shops?

Could this happen again?

I want to know if my workplace can request me to ‘volunteer’ for them whilst I am furloughed

If a family member with a serious case of COPD has to isolate and other people in the house are isolating too so not to risk bringing the virus into the house, can they be furloughed?

what can i do to entertain children whilst in lockdown

How many hours sleep is required for a young aspiring individual? Should compulsory no re-run from political office be passed as a global norm after failure to fulfill promise to the electorate after first tenure? Is insomnia really a health issue? Should easy access for young African students to further their academics in foreign institutions be enforced in all developed countries?

Can we have a community on citizenme of all those who Astral Project? A survey on this topic will be a great eye opener for those who are unaware and bring relief who are going through lockdown depression.

Are you willing to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

rise your hand if you have vaccinated!!

When covid will end

What do you think will be the consequences of the covid-19 after the pandemic

Hi guys! I would like to ask you if you protect your webcam somehow what it's not in use thanks in advance a wish you all a lot of health! ❤️😀👋

I love citizens me app

People getting vaccination but still those people tested positive because of this many people thought there’s no difference if you getting vaccinated or not.. please motivate people to get vaccinated

What is the next step for movies and concerts amidst the current pandemic?

Muito bom 😃😃😃

Are we all including our Indian central goverment a bunch of fools in dealing with thiss pandemic without scientific approach ?

I'm 34 years old living in Greece, telecommunications engineer graduated and currently working as a waiter. Will I ever be able to find the love of my life and get married and have two children?

Quando vocês acham que essa pandemia vai erminar ?

Did you expect something Like this coronavirus situation 2 years ago?

How do you keep yourself to stay positive despite of pandemic?

Why do we pronounce the ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" different than if we were taking a trip to the caribbean?

When do you think the pandemic is over for good?

Will everything back to normal again?

Can you truly fall in love with someone if you cant touch them in any way.?

Will you vaccinate early?

When does Baseball? come on Cardinals

great app come and participate

What is the largest plant?

I love citizen me nicely done ✅✅

Why is America so negative.... ?? Do you believe we're at the end of days??

Gostei muito , muito legal 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

How many different strains of covid-19 do you think will come through before the end of2021

How has the Covid pandemic effected your mental health?

For those who are now working at home because of pandemic. If given a choice, would you like to continue working from home or would you like to work at the officeafter the pandemic?

Have you been passing time on smartphones, PCS, Laptops or working hard on your career or something valuable in this lockdown period?

What have you done to improve yourself at pandemic?

What steps could the u.s. take to address the problem with plastic? Should we outlaw it as other countries have done?

Does everyone think that you should be drug tested before you should be able too get assistance from the government?

How to see life after Covid 19 ?

Gostaria de receber as melhores pesquisas disponível thank yous!

Should "Driving Under Suspension" tickets , penalties, and fines be prohibited in rural areas or diissed for citizens, that live in an area without provided public transportation?

Do you think you are keeping the Earth healthy enough for future generations?

How are you today?

do you think vaccines will be the end of the pandemic, or the beginning of something worse.

Whats tour opinon about, people that dont like of vacin

Você tem a nova visão com relação a política do seu país após a chegada do vírus e como está sendo tratada a questão das vacinas?

How to make this world a better place to live?

How do you feel about not wearing a mask? Do you wear one? Will you continue to wear one? After vaccine?

Is there still hope for change??

Hey what about your country for covid 19 ?

We will survive!

Why are so many people so afraid to speak their mind and answer what their true feelings are. Why do they have to answer with the mojority egotistical people who only listen to media instead of facts?

Hi citizen people!

I'd love to know everyone's opinion about states removing the federal unemployment boost

Lovely 🌹🏵️🏵️🏵️🌹

I love citizen

In lockdown period how I feel better best.

Muiito bomm...

Are You happy?

why are people so selfish in this day in time? This is when we should be sticking together. Its going to get worse. What are people going to do when they find out the covid pandemic is just a way to control us and the shot will be mandatory before we can even go get food at a grocery store, then its gonna get even worse cause they use that to make us get a chip. Its gonna get to the point where people are gonna be killing each other for food. Gas, toilet paper,etc...h point being people are gonna need each other more than ever. BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER..HELP EACH OTHER... THANK YOU!!!

Yes Facebook app

What are the best opportunities to improve society following the covid-19 pandemic?

The questions on vaccine didn’t include the option I was thinking “they are all the same” and the bio tech vaccines are almost the same whatever the distribution partner

What is a prairie?

How well do face masks protect against Covid?

Muito bom

Do you think the whole "pandemic" has been a joke?

I love research like that

How can we better the world and not destroy all that the nature builded until today? How find with the desiquality world??

I don't have any questions. Thanks!

Do you think private escooters should be legalised?

O que você está fazendo para ajudar nesse momento difícil de pandemia?

Eu adoro esse app muito legal estão de parabéns

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Se a vacina e eficaz porque tem gente morrendo de covid ,pós vacina?

How do you think covid 19 has affected wealth distribution?

Do you think because of Covid- 19 educational institutions should have more scholarships and maybe a slight increase of job salaries?

What do you think of the Covid Vaccine? I personally do not trust it because of recalls, side effects and it’s too new and experimental. Following all precautions and have not got the virus.

Adorei esta pesquisa

Should we not stop by playing with nature?? When will we open our eyes and started respecting Nature.

Poderia usar as notícias do momento para fazer as pesquisas

Your surveys are awesome and great

The questions are very good and well developed

Very Nice

Juntos venceremos o covid 19

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during lockdowns?

Will you keep on wearing masks during flu season, even when the pandemic is over?

Did covid impact your dope habit?

Should eye health be covered in health care? Eye consultations, eye tests, prescription eyeglasses and laser surgery

How can you miss someone you have never met

Do you still believe Covid 19 will wash away ?

Does anyone think that there will be something else that will come out next time other than the covid

What specifically you guys think our government need to focus more after this pandemic ?

I have a doubt . government officials say that the protection of the corona virus is prevented with a mask and because people are still dying.

I don't have a question to ask!

Yes, excellent app


How does the Pandemic Covid-19 made you see the change around you and do you see the world differently because of it if yes the share your opinion on it?

who do you think is the happiest person in the world?

What do you want to do now?

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to contribute with my opinions

Sério que vocês são o melhor aplicativo de hoje em dia?


what you learned during the lockdown ?

Y isn't the covid-19 been found a solution quite. Yet.

Muito obrigado pela oportunidade que vocês me deram isso vai me ajuda muito ☺️ agradeço muito

Je voudrais que nous en ayons tous fini avec la COVID19


Would you wear mask and use sanitizers after you take COVID19 vaccination?

Love you citizencme

Boa noite é um emenso prazer fazer dessa história vencedora e tão gloriosa que é A CITIEN ME

Como a política do Brasil está sendo vista em outros países?

Como vocês estão passando a pandemia e o que acham dela ?

What do you think about the current situation in Brazil?

How do you see India as a country after this mass corona outbreak?

What are the precautions about corona we must take after vaccination.

What do you think about the cryptocurrency in the future?

How the COVID 19 came to our lives?

How you utilised time in lockdown.

Do you think the UK should implement a universal basic income?

Do you prefer face-to-face instruction better than remote learning?

I'm afraid of the long-term side effects of the vaccine, what is your thinking about it?

What should we do to have a different future?

What should we do to have a different future?

Give me more survey about my activity

If the pandemic was starting today, would you act the same way you did or would you change something?

If you would given a chance to talk to someone who would it be and why?

What Will the world look like after the Corona Vírus? Will the people be the sane?

How do you feel about people not wearing masks in public?

Should drug addiction treatment be free?

Como está sua vida familiar agora com essa pandemia mundial? Uniu ou separou seu laços familiares?

My question that I would appreciate you guys posting would be: "Do you think that the world would be a safer & more pleasant place to live if there was stricter gun control?? Or should they make it harder for someone to be able to obtain a gun?? Or should they completely ban the use of guns in general??"

What would you do to change the world?

Do you think, if a person believes what makes them happy is a sin, can they ever really be truly happy?

Mujhe yah application achcha lagta hai sawalon ke jawab dena bahut achcha lagta hai bahut achcha hai

What are you thinking about Corona pandemic

Would you like free education?

Why do you think Africa is poor?

Vocês acham que tudo vai voltar ao normal depois da Covid 19?

Are we to dependent on Chinese supply chain?

O que as pessoas podem obter de lição positiva com este sofrimento da Pandemia?

Do you think you should get vaccinated while pregnant?

Are you living a real life , not pretending who you really are?

great quiz I loved it, hope to have more questions soon

Is it necessary to take vaccine of covid19 if you already had infected ?

When covid is controlled, where will be the first place you want to go for a ride?

I loved the app, it would be even better if there were more quizzes

How do I answer more questions?

Você se sente mais protegido com as vacinas pra Covid-19?

Love it

When are we getting the merlin arts in museums?

Eu estou gostando desse aplicativo

What would 3 things you'd do if you were a ghost?

Do you feel cheated that big crowds were a loud at Wembley and Wimbledon but not in theatres?

What is the most important thing in your life? - Family - Pets - Money - Career - All the above - None of the above - Prefer not to answer Etc..

with this wave will we survive?

Are you now more confident to go outside after getting inoculated ?

Country? Do you approve of the government's role in combating the corona virus?

What does "normal" mean to you?

Oque você acha que mudou em si depois da Covid?

What do you think will happen with the taxation of big tech?

How much has the current pandemic affected your life?

Europa 2020

Gostei 😍👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

The way this World is today, Do you really feel it's safe or even right to bring children into it today?

Why does everyone think they know what's best for you and your children, why can't people mind there own business and take care of their own lives instead of trying to take over others

Está pandemia trouxe alguma novidade no seu dia a dia? O que vc aprimorou ao conviver com os acontecimentos global diante de uma pandemia?

What is the name of your first pet?

When covid-19 will go out of our globe?

What is the 1st semi-final match of Euro Cup ?

Does the environment we live in affect height growth?

when will we all be freed from this new virus?

I think who will take the golden boot of the euro 2020 and Cristiano Ronaldo because he has more goals so far

hi i'm new to the site hope to gain some knowledge here

I would like to know what are some of the coolest/weirdest things people have found and where have they found them?(,jewlery, winning lottery ticket, old photos, ect.)

Muito útil!

What's your mood today?

good morning everyone

what would you do if the world you live in now turned "upside down" because of disease and politics...

O que você espera no futuro próximo e nessa geração...

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