How are you at DIY?

In our recent survey ‘How are you at DIY?’, we discovered some fascinating insights into what and why so many of us love ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) projects.

We've been blown away by the images that Citizens have shared, and we've put a little showcase together below for you.

One thing that was striking is that it doesn’t matter if someone is living in a city, in the suburbs, or in the countryside - most respondents embark on some kind of DIY activity, and this was evenly spread across those living in urban, suburban or rural environs. 

Amongst our Citizens in the US, UK and India who completed this survey, the most popular type of DIY undertaken was decorating, with 4 in 5 people doing so, followed by repairing (71%), and 60% of respondents creating (craft projects). Indeed, half of all respondents said, “I would do more DIY projects if I had access to free materials”.

What were the reasons for these DIY projects? The biggest motive was to save money (4 in 5 people), while a considerable 73% said it was to improve their skills.

In which DIY category did Citizens say they enjoy the most? A huge 88% enjoy food, cooking and baking projects, another substantial 81% said home improvement, while yet another sizeable 71% and 70% said arts and crafts respectively.

So the take away from our survey on DIY is that we humans love to create, visualise and improve our surroundings and what we consume. 

Here is just a small selection of some of our community’s wonderful DIY projects. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with the team at CitizenMe:

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