COVID-19 UK: Truth and Lies

Last Friday (3rd April) we launched a study with our Citizens working with King’s College researcher Dr Daniel Allington. Daniel is a lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence and put together a survey that went out looking to understand the ‘truth and lies’ around COVID-19. We turned around this piece of research in less than a week and it’s been featured in the Guardian today:

The headline finding was that there is a negative relationship between belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories and compliance with public health guidance with regard to COVID-19. 

Suggesting that conspiracy beliefs may present a substantial public health risk. 

The findings have been written into the article below, titled ‘The relationship between conspiracy beliefs and compliance with public health guidance with regard to COVID-19. Please see the link for the full research report here:

For further information and to speak to Daniel, the lead researcher, please contact him at: 

Dr Daniel Allington: (Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence).

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